Slovenka 7_2022

The Magic in Paintings


Visual art is a specific form of art whose primary role is to captivate us visually. It can be present with us in every space, providing us with energy, insight, and inspiration. It can draw attention to problems, uncertainties, and pain. Katarína Zemková is a sensitive artist, a messenger of joy through paintings with a striking added value.


She pays attention to people, observes the world to feel what a person expects from both art and life. She is aware that despite millennia of their existence, human desires still turn towards that which is shrouded in a few words that today’s world values so much. Peace, joy, health, a smile, happiness, love. That’s why Katarína paints these concepts. Masterfully and ingeniously.


What I admire about this artist is the cultivated, imaginative impressionistic charm in her paintings. The chromatic miracle on the canvas transforms itself in the viewer’s eyes into a flower garden, a desire to fly, a journey painted with colors, hope, and the future. Katarína creatively experiments even in minimalist compositions and with figurative elements.

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