Katarína Zemková

Katarína Zemková graduated in 2001 at Constatine the Philosopher University in Nitra in the fields of history, art and museology. Her Master’s thesis was directed by an academic sculptor Viliam Loviška.

During her university studies she was led by such personages of Slovak artistic circles as graphic artist Igor Benca, the above-mentioned sculptor Viliam Loviška, graphic designer Jozef Dobiš, painter Jozef Jaňák and deceased academic painter and member of the Surrealist Group of Czechoslovakia, Karol Baron.

  • In 2000 she successfully participated in an international project called Andy Warhol, launched by photographer and artist Daniel Brogyányi.
  • She holds painting workshops for children and adults, eg. at the Senec Summer festival 2016 (more information at her Facebook page: Ateliér Katarina Zemkova).
  • She does in form of wall painting in commercial premises as well.
  • In 2016 she came up with a slogan for the ISA society and won a financial prize for her picture made to enhance sales of the LVL0 product (LEVEL ZERO).
  • In 2017 she received a prestigious award The Creative Act of the Year handed over by the Commission of Culture and Tourism in the City Council in Šaľa.
  • In 2018 she created a Project “THIS IS WHO I AM…“ with a well-known Slovak poet and lyricist Ján Štrasser.
  • In 2018 she received an award for her previous artistic activity (Plaketa Aničky Jurkovičovej).
  • The curator’s report was written by a respected art historian and professor, Ľubomíra Fašangová, PhD. (2017) and a respected Slovak art curator Ela Porubänová, Ed.D. (2019) and art historian and curator Ľuboslav Moza, PhD. (2022)
  • In 2019 she created a new graphical and artistic project in order to renew social communication for the Brantner Slovakia company.
  • In October 2022, she became a member of the international art association SINERGIART INT, based in Barcelona [link to SINERGIART INT].
  • The publishing house Perfekt released the book TRUTH AND DREAMS which combines her visual art with the reflections of actor, gallery owner, and creative producer Ivan Matulík. The book was launched on January 26, 2023, by Kamil Peteraj and Milka Vášáryová. You can purchase it at any reputable bookstore. It is also part of book fairs in Budapest, Frankfurt, and London.

You can find her on Facebook under the page “ART Kati Papp Zemková.”