Letec, 2017, plátno, kombinovaná technika, 80x90, v ráme *** PREDANÝ ***

On October 17, 2017, a commemorative evening for Colonel Nori Harel, one of the legendary founders of the I.A.F., took place at the Primatial Palace in Bratislava, and on October 19, 2017, at the Lecture Hall of STM in Košice, under the title “Be Strong!”

The evening was organized by the painter Katarína Zemková, in cooperation with the Embassy of the State of Israel and the Slovak Technical Museum. The event in Bratislava was held under the patronage of the Ambassador of the State of Israel, H.E. Zvi Aviner Vapni, and the event in Košice was supported by the President of the Slovak Republic, H.E. Rudolf Schuster.

The event featured a performance by the musical virtuoso, cellist Juraj Alexander, and recitations by Ivan Matulík accompanied by violinist Barbora Botošová. In Košice, the Klezmer band Di Salamon Kapelye added to the pleasant atmosphere. Thematic paintings by Katarína Zemková were also available for purchase during the festive reception.

You can find photographs from the event on the Ateliér KZ Facebook profile.

Spitfire 57, 2017, plátno, olej, 80x90, v ráme